Hello! Welcome to Archaic Roots. A manifestation of many years of study, practice and passion for ancient practices and traditions. The visionary artdrums and instruments, indigenous instrument education presentations, drum circle facilitation and instrument building workshops found here are all inspired by traditions of our global ancestors. All sacred in their own way.

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Djembe Building Workshop-10-21-17
Come join me while I guide you in this djembe building workshop! This workshop will provide you with all the supplies and guidance necessary to build your own personal djembe drum. During the building process, where you will birth your own drum, I will teach you how to build and take care of your drum, in a sacred setting. This workshop will give you all the knowledge necessary to repair and tune your djembe in the future!  You can choose to place a non-refundable deposit for the event, or make a full payment, each depending on the kind of shell you would like to build.  This class will take place at my studio in the North Georgia mountains near Tallulah Falls, GA; about 1.5 hours away from Atlanta and Asheville. Please consider this trip in your plans for the day. Directions will be given upon receiving your deposit. Remaining payment after deposit is due on day of class, no refunds but rescheduling is welcome. All deposits are required at least 7 days before workshop date. 
October 21, 201710:00 am $150.00$350.00 BOOK NOW
Kids Instrument Making Workshop- Sponsorship Program
Kids instrument making workshop series 1

Kids bored this summer? Bring them to the instrument workshops and let them create while being educated in a fun way!

Using repurposed materials we will build own own custom instruments. This 4 hour class starts start at 1pm and runs until 5pm.
What it includes?
  • 2 instruments made and decorated in 4 hours- drum and rainstick
  • indigenous instrument and culture education
  • science behind how these instruments make sounds
  • demonstrations of various instruments from around the world
  • tons of fun mixed in an educational environment
This is the first in a summer series which will include over 8 instruments made throughout the summer. Join the mailing list to be updated when new workshops are scheduled. 
$35.00 ADD TO CART

New Instruments

Antique Burma Gong 11.5″
Size: 11.5" x 2.0" Thickness: 1.2mm Weight: 666g This group of gongs originated in the border region of Myanmar and India. The Gongs in this group have a flat face and a rolled over rim. These gongs are thin and responsive, perfect for quiet meditative settings. The gongs have incredibly deep tones for the sizes and make excellent effects gongs when used with super rubs or other friction mallets. This gong is displayed on a 30" diameter stand. The stand is not included with this gong. All gongs were played using the gong tool included with this gong.  
$267.00 ADD TO CART
Translucent Rose Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl 6″ D# Note
Octave: 4   Rim Thickness: 2.3 mm   Frequency: 320 hz This Translucent Rose Quartz Fusion Crystal Singing Bowl comes with a free O-ring, Suede wrapped striker tool and simple instructions to get you started. Photos are of the actual bowl.
$551.00 ADD TO CART
5″-6.75″ G# Note Heptatonic Blues Scale Tibetan Singing Bowl 7pc Set
5"-6.75" G# Note Heptatonic Blues Scale Tibetan Singing Bowl 7pc Set
$925.50 ADD TO CART
20″ Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl with Flower of Life
~ 20" Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl With Flower of Life Symbol ~ Note: C Including a rubber base ring for the bowl to sit on, comes with a suede wrapped and rubber double end sounding mallet. Crystal singing bowls emit a purity of resonant sound. They are unleaded crystal and plated. Enjoy for meditation, healing, or music. Not only can you hear the tones but you can often feel the vibrations.
$520.00 ADD TO CART

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